Hello Everyone

DCU was one of the best nights I’ve had since my musical journey has started. The performance at the DCU center “Brew Woo” went off with a rocket shot. More than 2000 people walking around sampling craft beer from booth to booth seem to be having a great time.

Every place I play has a little different type of room and the amount of people in the room make for many adjustments during the night. I made the call and stuck with keeping things moving in a fast pace which seem to work well. By the end of the night people had filled the open floor made by the stage crew. Some groups of people were dancing but most just watching the show and tapping feet. A true experience for me and at the end of the show the GM said to me ” You have just earned a home here at the DCU center” so I’m hoping this means I’ll be here again. I think.

Thank you for the ones who came out to see me and offer their support. I will go and play for as long as I am blessed for.

Tony Garcia.Rocks