Songs For Kids

This is the other side of my music blessings that I have to offer to the younger side of life.

Tony Garcia Kids MusicI once wrote a song called “Animals” because of my connection to nature and the woods I spent so much time in. A good friend of mine had suggested to produce a children book that would coincide with the animals song. The illustrated cartoon type of book had been in the works for several months but never got the attention it deserved. The positive out come from this effort would give me the inspiration to continue writing songs for our younger generation. At the time, I had a young daughter so the lyrics and ideas were just flowing like a raging river onto a notebook. I had so many ideas and context I couldn’t resist to write what I was seeing and experiencing right in front of me.  Next thing you know, I had a full-blown CD full of learning, fun, kids’ song called “Think Positive”. After a short time it blossomed into a complete show for kids. I would make hats and costumes for each song that I wrote to represent each title and was accompanied by a group of appointed kids dancing to bring a physical explanation of each song. We did shows all over the state and spread lots of joy to kids throughout.

“Think Positive” was gaining some ground and it was looking like it was going to launch me into another avenue for performing. But again, life’s struggles and hardships would consume me again, so I would have to direct my time to working, and making ends meet for my family.

After several years of combating these obstacles, the opportunity to share these songs I wrote has been a blessing and I hope you and your kids will enjoy them and learn some life’s lesson at the same time.