Hello Everybody

Patriot place was one of the best ...so farMy performance at Patriot place was one of the best so far. The whole facility was very cool and quite an experience I haven’t encountered yet. I have never been to Patriot place, nor have I had the chance to see a game at the new stadium.  So it was all a little overwhelming at first. Sort of like a country boy trying to get around the city blocks dodging all the traffic signs and lights. So lost….There is so much to do and so many things to see you could spend all day there and still have time for more., I would highly recommend taking a drive and go out for an afternoon. You wont have to bounce around in the car for anything the rest of the day.

I was on a stage with a sound engineer and the equipment he had was blowing my mind. Being kind of new to this whole thing big stage thing, I brought all my speakers and stuff just in case ,but he had everything to make me sound good and judging from the feedback he did a good job.

This was a little different kind of venue for me cause people were walking around from place to place and I was on a stage between all the shops and two huge restaurants. Most of the time people passing through with smiles and stopped to dance and look with thumbs up and offering generous tips to show their satisfaction. It was a little chili so most were inside the restaurants watching out the windows but many roughed the raw weather to hear the music.. I noticed Louie and Davio’s restaurants propped the doors open so people could hear the music …That’s a Good Sign….

I was a little cold towards the end and my fingers were getting a  little numb, but I experienced the old saying, “The show must go on”…This was a great opportunity to play here and I do hope I get asked back. I will keep you posted here on the website and on FB and Instagram where my gigs are next. Hope you can come out and give me the pleasure of sharing my songs for you.