Hello Everybody,

What a great day at Patriot Place last weekend . The weather was the best its been after all this People were anxious to come out and do something outside and feel the sun.  I had all my own gear this time with no engineer and equipment. The equipment seem to handle the venue very well and sound was good ,and things were working great so far. This is always a major concern with musicians cause ya never know what can go wrong, or just decide not to work only on gig day.

This was a special day, because it was my birthday and I got to perform on a great day with a lot of my family and relatives who came out to see the show. Friends and family came and joined us to eat at one of the many restaurants I played between.

Also, My brother Olaf Garcia was visiting us from Texas, so we decided to perform a song from a video he was participating in just recently. ( Fundraiser by Walt Stewart : Walt Stewart & Friends for #StayStrongUkraine (gofundme.com) . Please check it out, the guy in the blue shirt that sings second is my brother. I thought it was a cool project, so I wanted to try the song and the choice was a pleasant surprise and nice thing to offer the audience.

I am hoping to be invited back and if you were there and enjoyed the sound, Please let Patriot place know your satisfied via Facebook or Instagram. Thank you all who came and supported this event and I hope to see you sometime at one of my other gigs.

Tony Garcia