I Went home with a beauty that night …

Well, I am an old school type of guy who grew up during the hippie movement when a lot of social changes were emerging. Music and other activities seemed to be the main focus for several years by my generation. Great British bands and solo artist were emerging up all over, spreading their story songs across the country. It was a world of peace, love and flashy cloths. I was just an average type of guy but felt that I had something weird knocking at my door throughout my life. I was inspired by a high school girlfriend to try playing the guitar because she thought I had a good voice and just needed to match the two. She saw something special, and she knew that I had potential. During our short acquaintance, she handed me that guitar which had been in her closet sitting for years without any strings. The only thing I went home with that night was that guitar that was in her closet.

She told me I could have it if I promised to play it and sing her a song someday when I got famous lol. I picked it up and decided to string it and tune er up. Time went by, life took over and was really challenging for me and I would go off, and on playing then putting it down. When I did attempt to play, I would try new sounds for many years, never getting too serious but that guitar was staring at me all the time like a lonely dog who wanted to go for a walk. I knew someday I would be walking that guitar around …someday.

I stood tall and did it my way

And someday has arrived, after several jobs and carrier changes I started an environmental business, with all of my experiences and schooling during the working years, I put all those together and started Vactone Environmental services from scratch. I started cleaning up the environment and this gave me great satisfaction and drive. The business was a success during my ownership and after several years I sold the business and retired. All the while my guitar is still staring at me waiting for that walk, and with life responsibilities behind me, NOW was my chance to fulfill another dream and finally feed that desire that has been with me all my life. I cracked down and got serious about learning enough covers to perform for a night, along with original songs I have been working throughout the years this completed a full 3-hour night.

After the butterflies finally settled down, I settled down too and gained some confidence and like Frankie, just did the songs my way. This boosted my craft even stronger and after learning to relax, the enjoyment and satisfaction I get from helping people feel the music is simply unexplainable! All I can hope for now is to see you in the audience so I can share my sounds and maybe bring back a good memory and release any stress you might encounter during the day.

A friend once told me, “You have an obligation to share any gift you have given”, and that just what I plan to do.