This was an absolutely jam packed weekend full of playing some really great venues! 3/20/23

Friday was a very unexpected GREAT time. First there was Hanna Devien’s Restaurant in Ware MA! I know huh …Ware MA?! I was filling in for another musician and thought this may be a very quiet night with very little attendance. The butterflies and anticipation that no one would show up was upon me, and BANG full house!

After a couple songs the crowd was attentive, and they loosened up fast. By the end of the night the audience loved the music and needless to say I absolutely loved playing there. I certainly will go back again if invited.

Saturday at 2pm, I was hired to perform another benefit put on by Off the Rails in Worcester MA. The sound system there was awesome, the performance went very well, and I had so much fun singing with that kind of power. This was a convention that lasted 2 hours and even though it was a conversation session most of the people enjoyed having live music as well.

After that a quick run home, change up and hit the Sawdust Coffee House for a 3-hour night with a great crowd. Needless to say, I am exhausted, but the good kind of exhausted. The kind where you know you did something amazing and made a difference in people’s day.

~Tony Garcia