Big Room … Big Crowd….Big Fun!

What a great night!!! I was invited to perform at this banquet last minute request after doing a show at “off the rails” in the small stage in Worcester, MA. The owner dropped in on me during the gig and liked my choice of songs, so asked me if I would be interested doing this banquet in the BIG room. WOW!! this was the first time I will be singing through a 4 million dollar sound system on a big stage. There has been a lot of great bands who did their best stuff in front of hundreds of fans on this stage. I was a little overwhelmed and couldn’t help thinking, is this happening or am I going to wake up and be pissed.

But it all happens so fast I didn’t get a chance to realize “Whaaat Happened”. Before you know it, I was set up and blasting my music out on a high-powered sound system and I never had so much satisfaction playing my tunes. Oddly enough, I was calm and relaxed, maybe because it happens so quickly, I didn’t have a chance to stress and make up all kinds of negative “What ifs” in my busy head. The night went well and had some group of people stay after the banquet was over to hear more of my tunes. A+ show for me and I got some great feedback. I want to give a shout out to Grayson Lacroix for giving me this great step up and choosing me for this event.

That’s what its all about, making people feel good and seeing the audience leave with a smile. Job complete.

Tony Garcia.Rocks