Tony Garcia Songs


That’s What I Like

Thats what I like …just some of the things, the list is too long!

Nice Old Wonderful Day

This song came to me when I thought my life sucked, but realized I had a lot more to be thankful for.

Old Bad Habits

Some of the thigs you grow up with as a crazy young man…

Bound for the Road

I noticed growing up that families started to spread out and go their separate ways over several years. This is about a busy man who missed it all trying to reach his goals. I remember the days where my grandfather told us stories for hours on the front porch, and that was our facebook.

Shadow Road

There is a road I travel to my cabin in VT. This song is about how I feel when I reach this road. My cd cover is shadow road.

Cover – Turn The Page

One of the cover songs I sing during my performances.