I was born in Hamilton NY and I moved to Ohio where I spent some of my childhood. When I was 10 years old we moved to Charlton Massachusetts and I am still there today.

I learned to sing listening to 8 track tapes by Cat Stevens in my Ford Van I could only afford one :). I had a few albums that I listen to from James Taylor, Jim Croce and the Eagles from who I started to develop my style .

I was first introduced to a guitar by a high school girlfriend who had one in her closet without any strings. She said you can have it, only if you will play it. I fooled around a bit and learned a few chords then set it down. After I served time in the armed forces I decided to continue my playing the guitar and writing songs. Through the years I had a very eventful life and kept going back to singing and playing off and on. It wasn’t until I decided to just record all the songs I had written in a studio, so I wouldn’t loose them all. After finishing and playing this casstte tape to some friends I was convinced to try some open mic nights. I got some good feed back and kept on playing.

I owned an environmental business called “Vactone Environmental” for many years. I built this company from the ground up and I am currently retired and solely focused on growing my music ventures.

I like to perform because it keeps my mind and soul up lifted. I am very lucky to have the support I get from my family and friends .. I hope when you are in the audience, It will be a relaxing and fulfilling experience. Thank you for your kind support

 ~ Tony Garcia