These are some of the songs on my new CD “Shadow Road”. I hope you enjoy some these stories and personal memories. If you would like a song or two you can purchase below. Thank you!

Shadow Road:

This song was written about a road that leads to a piece of property that I own in a little town called Tinmouth VT. As you traveling to this property you have to travel down a dirt road that has a line of trees on each side of the road. The trees all touch at the tops about 50 foot high and create a tunnel and I always had a very different feeling when I traveled through this tunnel of trees. It stuck in my mind for years and one day I wrote this song about my journey down “Shadow Road”

1) Theres a place due North where the deer all run and people hardly ever go. A road I had walked down before when I was feelin kind of bad ya know. It divides two field on a farmers land and a car hardly ever goes by. In the summer time when the leaves on the tress they touch from up above …as I go…(Chorus) //Shadow road your clearin up my crowed mind. shadow road Im feelin better with every mile. shadow road by the time I reach the end I’m feelin good. down Shadow road.//2) Well The sun will rise in the mornin it pokes in about and hour or so. then you don’t see it til about five o’clock settin down at the end of the road. a cool brezze blowin at your back no matter which way you go . The slower you walk the better you feel as you movin along real slow I go… Sha dow road your clearin up my crowed mind shadow road, I’m feelin better with every mile shadow road oh by the time i reach the end I’m feelin good down shadow road, 3) It takes you down through a tunnel of trees and winds up at cleareden creek, a road I had walk down before just to get away from bust streets. a road named after farmer John cause own part of the land. and if your ever up that way my friends I suggest you make a stand down shadow road //chorus//

Distant Morning:

My brother in law had an unfortunate accident which left him paralyzed and confined to a wheel chair as he was experiencing his teen age days . I spent some time with him after his accident and often times during his rehabilitation . I noticed his attitude was positive and he managed to get the most out of life as best he could. This song is some of the things he did to keep himself as positive as possible and some of his thoughts during his struggle to commence a normal life. He since passed last year from a long struggle in 2016. This song is dedicated to him and his positive outlook in life. He touched a lot of people and will live on forever in hearts of all who knew him.

1) I sit alone in a moment of time happy on my own. The sun settin low the geese are flyin and why am I alone. Spent a long time high on a hill lookin all over the land and wouldn’t be nice if the folks out there could gather and join hands. //Roll off in a distant morning tell you where I’ve been plant an acre of corn and then just watch it grow again// 2) Some friends say go to work real hard and try to get ahead and some folks say just lay away and don’t forget to pretend. good brothers I do alright I cant tell my mind sometimes but all and all I care about life’s most precious times. // Chorus// 3) Seems as though I remember one day when I was seventeen I had this though long time ago I drempt I was A king. told all the knights to ride one day and try to find me a home where rainbows flowers and quiet nights and I d never be alone. I’m often mixed up about a thing called love and I bet I’m not alone. your filled with hope and a rush of a feeling then empty when its gone. //chorus// chorus// 4) well some time has passed they call me sir, guess it’ll be alright so I roll out on the porch and watch the days turn into nights. you see I’m bound from a short step down been that way for awhile but me my chair are in despair but I still have my style. //chorus//chorus//

Old Bad Habits:

So we all had a growing up time when hanging with some friends was the freedom and the best irresponsible time in our lives.. I was not exempt from doing guy things and showing off with the best of em. This song takes you back to when priorities were to raise hell and have some fun. This particular guy did just that, but after life goes on he got married and the old bad habits just had to go. In a few years when things settle he remembers the good old days. In the end, he prevails and re visits his old ways

Well I made up my mind this time I cant go on livin this kind of life, these old bad habits they gotta go. playin cards with the boys Friday night smokin Vegas and feelin alright sippin beer shootin pool on sunny day. well its been cause co-motion with my wife, raisin havick with my new style of life.. 2)I got hitched about four years ago, ya know I loved her but my memories were bold, these old bad habits, they gotta go. I miss the days with the boys down the beach, crusin ladies that were out of our reach, sippin beer, shootin pool, on a sunny day. Its been causing comotion with my wife, raisin havick with my new style of life these old bad habits they gotta go. 3)well my new style of life is alright, I had tender kind of good lookin wife, but she treated me like was a mine of coal. so every once in a while I get the urge, to cruse the town and paint the world, sippin beer shootin pool on a sunny day well it was causin co-motion with my wife, raisin havick with my new style of life these old bad habbits they got to go these old bad habits …..they’ll never go….

Take Me Away:

This song was written for my sister and brother in law to be sung on their wedding day. I was asked to sing a song, so I thought it would be cool to try to write my own so it would be a special song just for them to cherish for the rest of their lives. I remember it was early in the morning, about 2:am when I woke up and had this whole idea of what I was going to write. This all came together fast like it was suppose to be. I put it all together in a night and was ready to deliver the goods to my lovely sister. So after the song was written and the practice time was done. My sister and brother in law decided to just hit the islands and have a small memorable ceremony. I did get to play it in later years to my Brother Olaf at his wedding…

1) Why do I smile when I look in the sky, Why do I dream colors that Glow. Tell me the reason I laugh til I cry, cause I believe in love it will grow. // Cause you gave me a reason and you gave me new life, You showed me the way to be free, for once in my life I can tell by your smile I know that I’m here to stay… take me away//2) there’s a sunrise in your eyes and music to your smile that know one will ever withhold. the truth of our love will parish nowhere and grow stronger where ever we go. //Cause you gave me a reason you gave me new life you showed me the way to be free. For once in my life I can tell by your smile I know that I’m here to stay,,,,take me away//….3) Let’s go on our new way and start our new life and forever we will behold, the truth of our love, will parish nowhere, and grow stronger where ever we go. //Love gave us a reason and it gave us new life it showed us the way to be free for once in our lives we can cherish our times in hope that there here to stay… our love starts today,lets go on our new way….

That’s What I Like:

One sunny morning on the back deck I was feeling sorry for myself and I may have been having a bad day. I remember stopping for a second to realize I have a lot to be thankful for and I started to think about some of the things that make me happy. I wrote down some things that made me happy and fortunately I had my guitar with me to create this song.

1) Sittin on the porch sunrise I’m doin it again, coffees done brewin I’m waitin for my best friend. we’ll talk about anything that comes to mind, workin out problems figurin out mankind./chorus://Thats what I like thats what I like that turns me on makes me feel alright//. Ridin through the woods goin fast on a motorless bike, coming to the berm everything gona be alright. jumpin over rocks and trees is the thing I need adrenaline rushin so hard the need for speed. //That’s what I like, that’s what I like that turns me on makes me feel alright// (harp) , Cuttin through the warm summer air harley is my ride, all the boys checkin the girl on my backside, she’s lookin so good I’m proud that shes all mine. heaven up above I thank you for this ride..// Chorus//. Camp fire roarin on a cold wind sat night friends sittin around tellin stories about their lives. never really caring about what is wrong or right. dosen’t really matter everybody feelin alright. //Chorus//(harp) so when the blues come around and your feelin down remember life isn’t as hard as it may sound, think about this song I give to you if it makes you happy i think that i am through//chorus// harp

Village Square:

I was lucky to be able to travel around most of the New England towns and experience a number of different commons and squares that were in each town. As I was traveling through these towns I wrote down some of the things I saw and witnessed during the afternoon, night, and mornings. Some times I made up stories that I thought might have happened in these towns and came up with the song ‘Village Square”

1) There’s a place out by new England way it lies deep into my mind, I remember it quit clearly cause there I spent some time, in the clear blues of the mornin til often late at night I watch the people strolling feeling what was right in the village square. 2) there’s a monument made of granite and the church out of solid stone the turf was green and tender the weather vane how it glowed in the morning sun. 3) there’s a swing and an old tin slide where the children rendezvous and the robins country store that was closed before the war why no one knows 4)it was a clear blue Sunday mornin just about 10 am when the pastor open the doorway to let the people in to sing their song. 5)from the old folks strollin the common to the newly weds late at night everyone seems so easy feelin what was right in the village square. //there,s a place out by New England way it lies deep into my mind I remember it quit clearly cause there I spent some time in the clear blues of the mornin to often late at night I watch the people strolling feelin what was right in the village square//. As it rained upon the band stand thunderheads have all gone by rainbow pass to the heavens as the days rolled slowly by in the village square I remember oh so clearly the nights are rollin in all the children fled to their homestead where they would all settlin in from another day //chorus//

Nice old Wonderful Day:

We will experience all kinds of days we are blessed with in this life . Some bad, some good, some sad , some unsettled. Just a few simple things in this song to maybe adjust your day towards a more positive outcome.

1) Well the day is done, its an evenin rest, sun is fallin down, like its all been blessed, sure is a nice ole wonderful day.. 2) well I have to say, if you rose out of bed, put your foot on the ground, walk straight ahead, sure is a nice ole wonderful day, gonna be a brand new beautiful day. //chorus/// there’s a certain number of days that your allowed and those certain number of days you cry out loud ..and tell em all…tell everyone….tell everybody…its a wonderful day// 3)And if you have a chance, to do somebody good, dry their cryin eyes like nobody could, sure is a nice old wonderful day. 4) well I sit and wonder, when the blues arrive, why am I so lucky, just to be alive..sure is a nice old wonderful day, gonna be a brand new beautiful day// chorus//So come on my friends, tell everyone you see, spread the gospel word, that your alive and free, sure is a nice ole wonderful day, gonna be a brand new beautiful day// chorus//

Bound for the Road:

Just about the time when the family catalyst was drifting apart and dinner was now eaten alone or on the fly in between a jam packed schedule of events, I felt and witnessed this transition of destruction so decided to sort it all out in this song. This particuliar dad in this song was a little extreme but no doubt happening right now as we continue on in this trend. To me it seems to be getting worse. Dont forget to pay attention to your family and once in a while plan a day with the ones you love , for it may not be there tomorrow.

1) Everyone knows about a man livin his life on the road again he has no time to hear his family’s dreams. his kids are grown and he never knew how they did where they went to school but he calls up n the phone tell him where hes been. // Bound for the road hes a tourin man,, bound for the road cant you see, workin all day and work all night, livin out of a suitcase payin the price//. 2) Now there’s a man that always lead out in front his name was read the front page daily news reachin his goal,but somewhere there somebody’s cryin hopein that her daddy was lying when he said darling Ill be a week or so. Bound for the road he a tourin man, bound for the road cant you see drivin all night sweatin from the lights, livin out of a suitcase payin the price. 3)He has to go and make this call appointment s booked until the fall, but there’s no time to loose, gotta work real hard, weekends full of soccer games birthday parties graduation day it all just comes and goes before the man gets home. //Chorus// 4)Now one day the boy say marry me, she said daddy come home you have to see, please don’t miss my day I plan so well. but daddy’s been workin six years runnin to close that deal he knew it was comin but there doesn’t seem to be no where out. booked his flight six forty five headed to LA sunshine but there was something wounded him inside didn’t quite know it came suddenly had to care for matters desperately but he knew where where he had to go and where he was bound. //chorus// loosin his family and his wife.